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Spotted Jesus At The Movies

I think Jesus would totally go to the movies if bible times were modern times. But I guarantee he would see movies differently, I mean we know his ways are not our ways and his thoughts not our thoughts so that is a legitimate claim. I’m a huge movie buff and maybe it is...

The Muses of Music: Artists You Need To Add To Your Playlist NOW!

For years now, the number of articles piling up declaring the death of music has happened at an alarming rate. First it was Hip Hop is dead. Than it was real Rnb is dead. Then it was CHH is dead. Now they even are saying Rock is dead. Always barring the repetitive question...

Top 5 Actresses Under 35

Emma Stone Emma has been trying fanboys into stone with her big beautiful piercing eyes since the early 2000’s. She has evaded zombies and played the wall crawlers first true love Gwen Stacy. She has since made a name for herself as a top bill actress winning grabbing...

What I’ve Learned From TV Shows

During my collegiate career, there are three things that occupied most of my time. Classes, studying, and my obsession for tv shows. Whether it was binge watching The Office on Netflix or attempting to suppress my immense excitement for the next episode of Sex in the City, I always made it a priority to live vicariously through...

Why All of Hollywood Should Take Note of Disney’s Little Mermaid Casting of Halle Bailey

Disney has been kicking in high gear with their Live action adaptations of their classic movies. From Beauty and the Beast where cast wise they played it pretty safe and close to the vest. With only some new musical additions it went off without a hitch. They have since done Dumbo, the upcoming Lion...

Winston Duke Joins The Academy And All of Us Are Excited

Hollywood has been getting schooled for their history of opting against nominating black filmmakers, black actors and movies for the most prestigious awards like the Oscars. Amidst great backlash of recent in the past few years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has said to and have kept good on having more...

5 Movies That Are Too Perfect To Be Remade

Hollywood is either playing it safe or fresh out of ideas because every year we are presented with a hand full of remakes. Many of them unwarranted, unwanted and end up being flat out disappointing. The only thing worse than a bad remake is a bad remake to a classic that should have never...

3 Most Influential Women Under 30

Influence, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Influence is a powerful thing I like to think of it as the human’s super power and there are millennial women all over the country grabbing it by the horns and using it to sprinkle good...

Why You Should Be Watching the WNBA

There is no secret that the WNBA does not get nearly as much love or viewership as its male counterpart the NBA. But do not be fooled the WNBA is filled with ballers. In a time where pressing issues are continuously under a microscope, such as equal pay for women, gender equality and the abuse of the...