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Spotted Jesus At The Movies


I think Jesus would totally go to the movies if bible times were modern times. But I guarantee he would see movies differently, I mean we know his ways are not our ways and his thoughts not our thoughts so that is a legitimate claim.

I’m a huge movie buff and maybe it is just me but I could have sworn in a lot of movies I spotted Jesus. It may seem to bit “overly spiritual” but I ensure you anyone you are really close to, you could spot in Tokyo during rush hour with no problem.

The same I think can be said about the believer. The cool thing is it changed my perspective on the movie I was watching and it became further intriguing to me I begin to connect the dots and listen for all the dialogue. I f you spotted Jesus at the movies would not be the first thing you wanted to know is what is he seeing?

So I thought it be cool to share with 5 movies and see if you too can spot Jesus in the movies. I am not suggesting that all my claims are the claims of the makers of these movies, just something that I see when I watch these movies. If we watch movies through different lens maybe, we can view everything through those lenses. So read on and see if you have spot Christ.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2

Before you stop reading and curse the ground I walk on, I encourage you to look beyond the fact that Harry is a wizard. I already know what some of you are thinking and I have a quote for you, “Not only are the idea about them ‘encouraging witchcraft’ utter nonsense, but the later installments rival Narnia as a form of Christian allegory.”

What I see the entire Harry Potter films to be about is hope, friendship, love and a prophesied chosen one’s journey to fulfill his call.

From the first film, it is well noted that Harry, “the boy that lived”, was the chosen one and that it was love, the love of his mother Lily, which protected him. Harry was prophesied to have been the chosen one and just like in the Bible to keep it from being fulfilled, the enemy tries to kill the “Chosen One” while still a child.

Throughout the films, he is reminded to have been just like and look just like his father. To make matters even more clear, the last two films find the Christ figure Harry wandering the wilderness, having to deal with the idea that he knows he has to die to save his loved ones, encountering various temptations. In one of the movies, Harry is even rejected by his own, just to turn and train them to be ready for battle while trying to protect the people he loves from the enemy.

This first part is preparation for his equivalent of ministry, finally having the strength to confront Voldemort, appearing to die and then returning triumphant from the dead with all power. So brethren, try not to be so witchy.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The Battle against Temptation

I was late to The Lord of the Rings fandom but it has easily become one of my favorites. The Lord of the Rings was originally a story broken into three books and written by Christian author JRR Tolkein. The book centers on Frodo Baggins’ quest, an ordinary hobbit that must carry an evil ring of power to Mordor and destroy it in order to ultimately defeat the evil Lord Sauron.

The ring possesses magical properties and draws whoever possesses it into madness, a challenge Frodo must constantly resist while on his journey to save Middle Earth. Frodo represents the believer and the temptation to live how we want and do as we feel rather than to live for others to see Jesus so they may be saved. We are given the same task–called to be a ringleader.


Some of you may think I am pushing it with this one because of the vampires and the werewolves but I am going to show you how closely related the core elements of one of the best sagas of this generation relate to Christian values. The movie is as much about vampires as Narnia is about talking animals.

The movie is centered on unconditional love. Edward Cullen, after a long awaited time, has found the one; Bella Swann, and his desire to feed on her comes a far second to his desire to see to it that she lives a long and full happy life. The Cullen’s are vampires but not like other vampires. As are we as believers, humans, regular people but different by choice.

We live with more convictions as do the Cullen’s in the movie. Not convinced yet? Edward ensures he sees to it that Bella’s virginity is kept until marriage, he goes to her father for permission to court her and he sacrifices himself to protect her. He just fulfilled Ephesians 5 the entire chapter.

The same way God loves us is how Bella loves Edward. Even after knowing everything about him– what he is, what he has done and what he eats– her response is, “I don’t care”. When he thinks his soul is lost and hopeless, she says and believes differently. Does Bella not sound a lot like Jesus? Does Edward not seem a lot like us us pre-Christ? The word ‘Twilight’ even means the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon. What a night it had been when the Son, a soft glowing light came below the horizon to be with us. Now that’s something even the wolves will howl about.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is one of the staple iconic movies of the 80’s, defining a generation of world changers.

This John Hughes film, tells the story of five high school students facing a Saturday in detention. Each one profiled with the accepted social labels of “a brain, a princess, a jock, a rebel, and a basket case,” but they soon discover that they have much more in common then they and their peers would have ever suspected as they are forced to look beneath the surface.

In comparison, Christ makes mention of the tax –collector, the prostitute, the Pharisee and the fisherman. He sees the common line that they all are sinners, all in need of saving. This principle is echoed in the very heart of the holy scriptures and that is that each of us are worth dying for and we need one another. “Don’t you forget about me.”

And now last but not least number 5, can you take a wild guess?

Star Wars

This is another one of those movies my conservatives may have a fit with me about, but dude seriously, how can we be so blind to overlook the very real Christian elements in this movie?! I will not go deep into this one because many other Christian articles have already done so with such prominence and justice. But I will make mention to a few points well known by Star Wars fans and those who only may have heard of it but never seen it.

May the force be with you

Clearly this is a play on the Holy Spirit, as it strengthens us and enables us to overcome if we yield fully to it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.” See Acts 1:8

“The Force will be with you, always.” See Matthew 28:20

“Becoming a Jedi knight”
Becoming a born again believer is how this translates. They are always being trained and fighting for good against evil. That is every believer, as we are to be soldiers for Christ.

Obi-Wan Kenobi states a fact in similar form as Christ, that no one takes his life and that he will return with all power. “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”

And my favorite theme embedded in this movie, is converting an unbeliever. Hans Solo, played by a very young and good-looking Harrison Ford, is the illustration of the world all wrapped up in a millennium falcon.

Like many men, when asked by Luke if he believed in the force, Hans replied in short that he has done a lot and seen a lot and does not believe any all powerful being can control his destiny. He is in control of his destiny.

After being around Luke, however, and seeing the difference in his character, he later believes and says to Luke, “may the force be with you.”

Like many movies, the ones I have listed contain elements of biblical truth mixed with much fiction. These films reach millions upon millions and are very popular, as they have formulated a fictional world whether through dragons and wizards, or vampires and wolves. The films appear to address the mysteries of life and what better way then to trace and outline the book that reveals the mysteries of the gospel and the one who created life. Next time you’re watching a movie, look pass what you see and see if you spot Jesus.

Dion Ringgold
Dion Ringgold
Is native to Philadelphia born and bred and studied business at La Salle University. He is the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub Magazine, and creator of The Super Late Show. As a content creator, Dion has been credited with creating and produced podcast for other creatives as well. In Addition to being a bonafide visionary, Dion is a personal stylist, and creative director and self-proclaim movie critic and film enthusiast. Dion has also begun to display that he is a captivating, intelligent, and passionate speaker, fully equipped with wit, and tweetable and repost worthy moments who connects with this generation. Dion has spoken on business panels at La Salle University, as well as spoken at Howard school of business and has been invited back for the last several years to speak to a business class at Penn State University as well as youth conferences. Dion embodies what it means to be a millennial, traditional yet innovative, ambitious yet strategist, and always looking for ways to impact community, contribute to the culture, while being well dressed and living to hear well done.


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