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Why Edward Cullen is the perfect Batman

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It’s been 2 years since Warner Bros announced that Planet of the Apes franchise director Matt Reeves would be getting behind the camera to direct the highly anticipated and highly controversial #TheBatman movie. 

At a time when the fate of the DCEU properties were in all out panic mode, Reeves was tapped to take the sails and stir this ship to land. Batman being the crown jewel of DC needed to right the path so Reeves was a great choice to start to point the property in the right direction after the failed Godzilla vs Kong attempt of BvS received highly divisive reviews from fans and less generous reviews from critics. The most talked about lines from the movie were the ill fitted, out of character Martha sequence that makes you cringe with embarrassment. 

One thing most people did like was Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Batman. That is until we got the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that is Justice League movie.

We were all but certain a soft reboot was on the horizon which left us with the question of will Ben be our Batman in the Matt Reeves stand-alone Batman movie. 

After what seems like a parents trying to tell their kids they are getting a divorce it was finally announced officially that Ben was out and the hunt for a new Batman would begin.

As we flashpoint to two days ago we have finally found out who our new Billionaire playboy of the DCEU will be…

Our Tri-wizard champion Cedric Diggory. 

Better known as Edward Cullen. Yes, Robert Pattinson was officially announced and approved by Warner Bros to take up the cape and cowl next. 

Many fanboys were livid. Like they completely lost their shi*! So much so, that someone started a petition to keep this from happening.  

Hashtag that’s not my Batman. Well, newsflash people Batman does not belong to you anyhow! 

Most of the hate is due to Robert Pattinson’s long and successful run as the vampire crush to one Bella Swann in the Twilight movies.  Clearly those who are against the Sparkling blood sucker playing the titular role of the Dark Knight have been too busy trying to comprise Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes score to realize Pattinson is actually a great choice and have been in fantastic movies since leaving his vegan vampire diet for more grounded and layered roles like in Good times, or Rover.

However, I think it is his role as Edward Cullen that actually makes him perfect to play The Bat. So hold on tight spider monkeys. 

First and foremost, how fitting is it that the Vampire turns into the Bat.

If you would have managed to get pass the werewolves and vampire civil war like beef you could easily see how Edward is very much like Batman.

Batman is essentially a man who is internally suffering, constantly conflicted with the blurred lines of right and wrong. Edward was a vampire, who is conflicted with his desire to eat people or not to and chooses not to because he does not want to become a monster. Sound familiar? Batman does not kill, because he does not want to become a monster. 

Edward Cullen was good looking, charming and women were drawn to him.

Sound like anyone in Gotham City you know? Bruce Wayne maybe? 

Edward spoke about his appearance being a mask, hiding who he truly is. Bruce Wayne is Batman mask of who he truly is.

They both have to play two different roles, the good guy during the day, the hunter at night. 


Need I say more? Robert Pattinsons Edward Cullen had he have to play a deeply disturbed person, always soul searching and bent on doing the right thing. This is your next Batman. You’re welcome. Sincerely all us Twilight fans.








Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

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