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What Does The Beyonce - Adidas Partnership Really Mean?

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I’m convinced that while most of us are sleeping the movers and shakers of the world are playing chess during the midnight hour. And when the sun rises, we are awakened by our social media notifications alerting us to cultural and business moves that inspire and challenge us.  Bosses truly move in silence and Beyoncé has mastered this approach to business that keeps us guessing about her next move.


Well without any warning the beehive and the rest of the world stood up and took notice on what Beyoncé calls, “a partnership of a lifetime”.  According to the New York Times, Adidas announced that it would collaborate with Beyoncé on several endeavors!  


I love active and leisure activewear so I’m looking forward to this collaboration.  But aside from the excitement of it all what does partnership really mean?

Well, we can say hello to Ivy Park!    I loved that line!  Y’all remember the activewear brand that Beyoncé co-founded with Top Shop's Sir Philip Green.  Ivy Park officially launched in 2016. Well, Beyoncé ended that venture with Topshop becoming the first black woman to own an athleisure line when she bought out Green's stake in her Ivy Park brand. Another boss move reminding us that ownership is king in business! 


As a creative partner with Adidas, we will likely see Beyoncé’s signature swag and style in a line of signature footwear and apparel. Her influence is far reaching as the numbers show that Adidas shares rose after this partnership was announced last week.


But this partnership isn’t just about money and shoes.  According to the press release, the two parties will work together to create a “unique purpose-driven program focused on empowering and enabling the next generation of athletes, creators, and leaders.”

Further, Adidas board member Eric Liedtke calls Beyoncé an "iconic creator" and a "proven business leader," and claims that the partnership could "inspire change and empower the next generation of creators."

Their mission is a great reminder to us all about the importance of partnerships.  Some of us may have been burned by a seeming great partnership.  But don’t let that discourage you from connecting with people and businesses that align with your vision and goals.  You could say that Beyonce was burned in a sense when Sir Philip was accused of sexually harassing staff. Publicity like that is never good for business but instead of reacting Beyoncé took ownership of Ivy Park and decided to try partnership again.

Was she scared?  Maybe. But with every challenge and every hurdle, we all have the ability to become stronger and wiser moving with through the fear as we pursue our life’s purpose.  Face the fear and pursue your passion!


Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Sherrell Moore-Tucker is a speaker, author, trainer, and wellness expert who specializes in holistic stress management. She is the author of Meditate like a Boss scheduled for release in 2019. Sherrell also, created MindBody FAITH, an approach to wellness that bridges the gap between science and faith while exploring holistic tools and techniques for health and healing. You can learn more here: