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Why "I'm Only Human" Is Not A Good Excuse

December 01, 20175977Shares

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If there were truly a thin line between love and hate it would equal the distance of how humans view their own humanity. Humanity speaking to how we see others and how we see ourselves is evident through how we are depicted on television and movies, the things we see great value in and in the phrases we use concerning it. Someone once said sarcasm is the only time people tell the truth. So maybe all these phrases we use a true picture of the way we see human beings. Not to far fetch in a world that claims dog is mans best friend and diamonds are a girl’s best friends, more phrases that may tell the story of how we see humanity.

I’m only human, a phrase we have all heard and may have used when we are in the wrong or make a mistake. If we took a look back over public figures we would not have to go very far to find someone saying it after blowing up at the media, or taking PED’s. It seems like everyone is sorry and being human is their defense. Saying I’m only human as to affirm our mistakes seem to be the only time we accredit our humanity to anything.

Think about it, everyone from Brandy to Eminem have made songs saying “I’m only human” in regards to the mistakes they made according to their respective songs. Have you ever been told to do something you felt as though you just could not do and the person continues to insist that you do it and you say to them I cannot do this I’m only human! When we have made mistakes or we feel like we cannot achieve anymore or we feel like we have lost control of ourselves we declare, “I’m only human”...


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Dion Ringgold

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