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Ciara Gets Acceptance Letter From Harvard University

May 22, 2019154Shares

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Ciara recently posted on her Instagram page that she was accepted in Harvard university, which is great news for her! With it being graduation season and all of our social media timelines being ever so graciously sprinkled with black excellence, Ciara just added the cherry on top! She stated in her Instagram post, that she always wanted to go to college but her music career took her on another path. Ciara was accepted into the Harvard’s business school of entertainment media and sports program. Which only make sense seeing as she is in entertainment and her husband is in sports! Much like many other celebrities that have been in the business since their teens like Beyoncé we are seeing more and more of a yearning for college to be made more prevalent in the black community. Years ago I remember little Wayne going back to school and not too long ago Beyoncé dropped Homecoming in honor of HBCU’s across the country. She did  not just honor them, but she used students in their actual drumlins to be a part of her show.  It is amazing to see that black celebrities are taking education seriously, it’s no longer just, “stay in school” they are actually doing it themselves. They are taking more action in the black community and all around setting the example that the black community has been needing for so long now. Ciara is a true all around black girl magic replica. Going back to school will give her insight on things outside of the music business and push her into so many other ventures once she decides to no longer fall back on music. I would like to be the first to congratulate Ciara on her admission into such a prestigious university and wish her nothing but luck.

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Cherisse Cannon

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