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Diana Silvers is the new breakthrough star for this generation

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June 02, 2019123Shares

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The barely legal to drink breakthrough star Diana Silver is having one heck of a year starring in 3 movies in 2019! Diana was the bright face amongst the boy’s club that made up M. Night Shyamalan’s Glassearly this year, to the Olivia Wilde directed critical raved coming of age comedy Booksmartand rounding out the 3 films is the horror movie Mastarring Octavia Spencer. 

With so much success in just 6 months I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably asking google what’s her net worth right now. Don’t bother, Diana shared it on Twitter. In a post she writes,” I saw a link about my net worth and let me save you all the trouble it is negative because I still owe NYU money. “

With wit such as that Diana proves to be the Hollywood girl you actually believe would still let you sit in the cafeteria with her. If her wit was not enough reason to adore this rising star maybe her beauty will. Before landing acting roles Diana signed as a model with IMG models. She was discovered via a hashtag! So yeah get the getting with the hashtags. 

Diana has the charm and likability to be a Hollywood mainstay for years to come and grounded enough to keep it that way. Elle reported that during the state of California’s largest wildfire which ripped through communities ultimately burning down over 273,400 acres of land across two counties with Diana’s father’s house being in the direct path of the blaze. This experience is said to have really shaped Diana’s view on climate change as she dealt with the insensitivity and ignorance of her college classmates watching it unfold safely away some 2,8000 miles. But Diana’s father was still in the home. 

Tragedy so close to home can really be an eye-opener and it proved to be for Diana. Diana’s story is not unique in the path she took to reach stardom, but she has something about her, that’s unapologetically remnant of our generation. 

The Booksmart standout talks about how she still models to pay her bills.

She says “Contrary to popular belief you don’t make money as an actor in the beginning. Your publicist might cost $5000 a month, so you’re losing money.” The West Los Angeles native from a family of 5 siblings who all play instruments and are heavily influenced by music growing up, pursued acting in New York. 

Even after being rejected twice from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  So whether you are watching Diana as Maggie in the American Psychological horror film that is Ma; driving us through this teenage dream to an American nightmare or as the overachiever who thinks she may have been missing outin Booksmart it’s Diana’s story and path to the Hollywood lights I believe is what makes her so admirable and relatable. So when you see this model, actor and cello playing. Did I mention she plays the cello? Yes, cello playing actress showing off her charm, and talents in Booksmart or Ma this summer remember that’s the same girl who was rejected twice, has a negative net worth and college debt just like you. 

Diana Silvers is the actor for all of us. 

So Go see BookSmart and Ma this weekend.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Dion is the founder and Editor in chief of InClub Magazine, film enthusiast and content creator