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Yara Shahidi x Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

March 12, 2019261Shares

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Before the beauty industry was disrupted by Rihanna’s shade inclusive beauty line, Fenty Beauty, there was Bobbi Brown who knew how to tackle undertones aside from shade ranges. Bobbi Brown has been in business for almost 30 years and now a new generation is being introduced to the makeup beauty line by enlisting Yara Shahidi as its new brand ambassador.

The new ‘Confident Beauty”campaign is not all about looks. According to, This campaign is supposed to reflect the confidence and beauty that women have inside and out. On International Women’s Day, Shahidi announced her partnership with the brand, which supports organizations that promote equity and opportunities for women through the launch of The Pretty Powerful Fund. The fund pledges a total of $400,000 to each of three charities that include gender justice leader The Third Wave Fund, Girls for Gender Equity and women’s human rights organization The Urgent Action Fund.

Shahidi shared with Teen Vogue the importance of this collaboration with Bobbi Brown, she said,“What really spoke most to me is not only do they have the track record, but they're still pushing themselves as a brand to figure how they can expand more, which made it such a perfect partnership.”

Shahidi has been using Bobbi Brown ever since she started working in the entertainment business. She said the brand resonates with her because there a shade for her momma , her aunty Nel and her cousins to use. Shahidi also shared with Teen Vogue her makeup routine.

“I use Bobbi Brown foundation because it goes so nicely on the skin and it doesn't feel like you have a layer on.”

You can shop Bobbi Brown cosmetics in stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s,  Nordstrom Rack, Sephora and Bobbi Brown cosmetics website.


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